Hello there! We are Milk & Peanut. If you’ve stumbled upon our blog, that’s pretty neat. Welcome!

We are two postgraduate students in the field of literature, and this blog will be our way of trying to exercise our writing skills throughout the semesters up until that one vexed, inevitable, grand, and final goal; the dissertation – a goal that is itself always hanging over our head, even when we haven`t started it.

It`s also a way for us to communicate with each other, and vent out our thoughts about whatever might be relevant in our lifes. The attentive reader might already have figured this out, but there will be no specific themes or continous content – it`s all just random. Sometimes it`s fiction, sometimes it`s not. It’s going to be a blog about whatever we want to write about, whenever it suits us – hopefully at least once a month.

Should you, for whatever strange reason, want to get in touch (perhaps you have something good or something bad to say, or maybe some recommendations, who knows?), here’s some ways you can do that:

~milk’s twitterhandle: @oeyvindroethe

~milk’s email: oeyvindroethe@gmail.com


Apology in advance.



  1. Sobir · November 15, 2015

    Keep up the good work !


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